About McGee Black Irish Coffee Company

Hi I’m Brian.

McGee Black Irish Coffee is a family owned business down around the Jersey Shore. Being a first generation Irishman, originally from the Bronx, my family and I always enjoyed an Irish coffee at our gatherings after a meal. As I got older and my passion for coffee grew, I felt that this special drink needed a special coffee that would complement as well as hold up to that fine Irish whiskey. That is where McGee Black Irish Specialty House Blend comes in (Put that name in the search bar to save time). Your after dinner drink is only as good as the Coffee in that Irish. No more weak links!
Say thank you to your family and friends for taking time to hang out with you. 
We have a variety of fresh roasted coffees for every taste, occasion and time of day. We even have four excellent types of  beans waiting for your order to be  Fresh Roasted just for Espresso. These are are the ones my  friends from the old neighborhood want me to constantly drop off when I’m visiting (Put Blonde Irish, Arthur Avenue, McGee 6 Bean Blend and Brian's Friends in the search bar for the espresso).  I tell them to go to the website. They tell me they are embarrassed when the mailman drops off espresso that says McGee and Irish on it. They are drinking it in secret. Can you believe these guys? They put the beans in a jar and throw  out my beautiful bag that I designed  myself. Then they hang  outside playing cards, drinking my (free) espresso and telling everyone they got it on Arthur Avenue. Anyway, that’s another story.
You see my little kids below with me and my wife? 
As you can see they are all grown up now.
My daughter is the mother of my grandson, that little cutie with the rosy cheeks.
She also graduated at the top of her class from a culinary college. An artist and my baker when I do your Barista Parties. Those pictures  below are actually her baked goods. She will make anything you request from scratch. Check out more of her amazing creations at her IG...
My son on the bike,  he handles my website and marketing remotely at his place in Texas on Weekends. That's it...
Enjoy, Brian 

By Marler (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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